What was the Worst Air Disaster in Nigerian History

What was the worst air disaster in Nigerian history? Like so much else, it depends on who you ask – but ask people about the worst one in living memory in Nigeria, and two tend to come up. The Sosoliso air crash in December 2005 and the Dana air crash in 2012. Despite the fact that shortly before the Sosoliso crash – Bellview Airlines Flight 210 crashed, killing all 117 passengers on board, among whom were some notable public figures, it is less remembered than the two crashes that followed it. The relatively recentness of both Dana Air and the Sosoliso crash certainly account to some extent for their hold on public memory, but perhaps so does the fact that both accidents seemed both a result and consequence of some of Nigeria’s deep rooted problems, and a manifestation of some of its worst fears, as well as being living metaphors for the squalid way the country seems to waste the potential of its large and youthful population; Sosoliso, which perished with the lives of over 60 young children returning home to their parents for the Christmas holidays was a tragedy of heightened poignancy, as those kids could not be said in any meaningful way to have had full lives. In the end, there was one sole survivor of the crash, Kechi Okwuchi, who recovered bravely from severe burns and continues to be an inspirational advocate for aviation safety in Nigeria.More than half a decade since both crashes, Nigeria still has a site reputation for air safety, albeit, thankfully one that hasn’t been tested lately.